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3 Converting to Texinfo

docbook2X converts DocBook to Texinfo in two steps:

  1. The DocBook source is converted by a stylesheet into an intermediate XML format, Texi-XML.

    Texi-XML is simpler than DocBook and closer to the Texinfo format; it is intended to make the stylesheets' job easier.

    The stylesheet for this purpose is in xslt/texi/docbook.xsl. For portability, it should always be referred to by the following URI:


    Run this stylesheet with db2x_xsltproc.

  2. Texi-XML is converted to the actual Texinfo files by db2x_texixml.

The docbook2texi (see Wrapper scripts manual page) command does both steps automatically, but if any problems occur, you can see the errors more clearly if you do each step separately:

     $ db2x_xsltproc -s texi mydoc.xml -o mydoc.txml
     $ db2x_texixml mydoc.txml