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4 The XSLT stylesheets

docbook2X uses a XSLT 1.0 processor to run its stylesheets. docbook2X comes with a wrapper script, db2x_xsltproc, that invokes the XSLT processor, but you can invoke the XSLT processor in any other way you wish.

The stylesheets are described in the man-pages stylesheets reference (docbook2X Man-pages Stylesheets Reference) and the Texinfo stylesheets reference (docbook2X Texinfo Stylesheets Reference).

Experimental pure-XSLT implementations of db2x_manxml and db2x_texixml also exist. They are inferior to the Perl implementation however. Here is how they can be used:

Convert to man pages using pure-XSLT db2x_manxml

     $ xsltproc -o mydoc.mxml \ \
     $ xsltproc \ \

Convert to Texinfo using Pure-XSLT db2x_texixml

     $ xsltproc -o mydoc.txml \ \
     $ xsltproc \ \

Here, xsltproc(1) is used instead of db2x_xsltproc, since if you are in a situtation where you cannot use the Perl implementation of db2x_manxml, you probably cannot use db2x_xsltproc either.

It is also a good idea to set up the XML catalog xslt/catalog.xml on your system, so the URIs of the stylesheets above automatically resolve to the files on your local system. Otherwise, you should replace the URIs in the command line with the local paths to the same files.